The best value of BWI is how comprehensive their work is for each investigator individually and how they work collectively as a team. BWI is a full-service firm that provides nearly all the forensic and investigative services we need on our cases. They are responsive, thorough, and produce information we would not have been able to obtain on our own. They are truly invaluable for any complex litigation.

Ben Raybin, defense lawyer

Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie Alexander became a licensed Private Investigator in Tennessee in August 2011 after graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Stephanie began working as a Fact Investigator for BWI in 2012. Stephanie has an uncanny ability to obtain information that others cannot. Because of her unique abilities, Stephanie has a loyal following of Criminal Defense Attorneys throughout Tennessee and Kentucky that use only her to investigate their cases.

Johnny Lawrence

Johnny Lawrence worked for over 31 years at the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department where he served as a Homicide Detective and identification and Crime Scene Specialist. Johnny has been qualified in Tennessee as an expert in Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction as well as Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation and Analysis. Johnny's CV listing his Expert Qualifications is available for download below this caption.

Kyne Marshall

Having worked closely for several years, it made sense for Kyne Marshall's company, d/FEAT to merge with BWI at the beginning of 2024. Kyne studied Microelectronic Engineering in Australia and has gained over 35 years of knowledge in a wide range of technologies. Kyne has been qualified in Tennessee as an expert in Audio and Video Analysis as well as Digital Forensics. His involvement with over 200 cases in both State and Federal Courts means that Kyne's experience is extensive.

Morgan Beaird

Morgan Beaird joined BWI in April 2022 with a year of private investigations experience as well as a professional background as a 9-1-1 dispatcher. She is a licensed Tennessee Private Investigator, a licensed Kentucky Private Investigator, and she became a Certified Paralegal in March 2023. Morgan earned her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Middle Tennessee State University. As a BWI Fact Investigator/Paralegal, Morgan is dedicated and resourceful, always striving to put her client’s best foot forward. She is proud to be a BWI employee because she shares the firm’s belief that people accused of crimes deserve to have investigators in their corner, working on their behalf.

John Maxwell

John Maxwell provides BWI clients with comprehensive vehicle crash investigations and reconstruction services. His professional background is impressive: John has more than 30 years of experience conducting crash investigations, including over two decades of service at the Brentwood Police Department as a crash investigator. During his last 12 years at Brentwood PD, John served as the department’s lead crash investigator. He has also taught traffic crash investigations at Nashville State Community College to criminal justice students and is a certified motorcycle safety expert. John’s traffic accident investigations apply to criminal, civil, and insurance-related cases. He’s handled all types of traffic investigations – including those involving vehicular homicide, bodily injury, pedestrians struck by cars, or high speed. For more information, please download his CV:

Leah Robertson

Leah Robertson is a licensed Private Investigator who has more than 20 years of experience in the legal profession. Prior to joining BWI in 2019, Leah served as a Legal Assistant for the Rutherford County District Attorney General's Office and as a Patrol Officer for the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department. This experience gives Leah a unique perspective and makes her a highly effective Private Investigator. She has a unique blend of skills and knowledge to conduct thorough, legally sound investigations and produce high-quality, actionable reports for clients. Leah also knows the ASL alphabet, which helped her in a case involving a deaf client. Leah provides BWI clients with comprehensive fact investigation services for criminal, civil, and domestic cases, and she has assisted on crime scene and fire investigations.

Ally Barrett

Ally Barrett is the Brain of BWI. Ally began working for us in 2014 copying and scanning documents. She was told at that time that her duties may expand in the future, and have they ever! Ally now handles all Business Operations for our company including Billing, Bookkeeping, and HR. You may always be assured that any Administrative issue you may have with BWI will be handled by Ally in the most professional way possible.

Rick Berry

Rick Berry has been a licensed Private Investigator in Tennessee and Kentucky since January 2005. Rick is a graduate of Colorado State University - Pueblo with a Bachelor Of Science in Sociology and was a Homicide Detective with the Dallas Police Department. Rick currently handles Business and Financial Operations for BWI.